Sunday, May 2, 2010

Race and Rally Wrap-Up

Jonny does it again, with Dustin very close behind, some say 750 extra meters on the last day would have been enough, alas that would have put him landing in forest... Zac was 3rd. Well done guys. Results Link.
Ollie took rigid 1st place. There is Jamie who headed up the organisation of the whole event. And is currently recooperating from it and preparing for the womens world championships in Germany.
I think there were 8 or so people at the award ceremony, enjoying the food and atmosphere. Russell one of the talented tug pilots from quest is having a good time :)
Jonny spent hours putting together this video of pilot interviews. It is great. I had a reaaly good time at this dispite the slightly disappointing weather. I learned a great deal about "switching gears" (how agressively one should fly - due to conditions) I am not going to say I was getting it right... but at least I am getting closer. The conditions also put me wing tip to wingtip with some of the worlds best, and that was a priceless experience.

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