Friday, May 28, 2010

Flying the Freedom 170

After sinking out early on the second task I decided to fly more conservatively and with others. Yesterday I flew with Joe and Jeff Hunt. Davis was out in front with Chris Zimmerman. Joe is flying the stealth Freedom, Jeff on a Falcon 195. This is the area around Carter Airport that we are operating out of. Airstrip just off Jeff's left wing tip.
I am having a lot of fun flying the Freedom, it is a very confidence inspiring glider. It has a perfect balance in thermals and does not fight back at all, even in the snakyist fickle climbs.
I have flown low over some terrain where I would have been very concerned on the lightspeed, but feel quite comfortable on the freedom.
Up near Austin, Tx, there are some more upmarket resturants. The houses (well mansions) are considerably bigger too.
The confident feel of the Freedom enabled a couple of low saves yesterday. One around 200ft agl! I was unzipped and ready to land any point, and was down there for 5 mins or so before hitting the spiney sucker that got me back up. Still no-one in goal, though Kent Robinson was within spitting distance.

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