Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flying Torrey

Another stop on the way home was a place I've always wanted to fly, Torrey Pines.At the south end of the bluff you have La Jolla, a northern suburb of San Diego.
The northern end is currently off limits. The farthest one should fly is bath tub rock. I don't know why or what the jurisdiction is, seems a little strange to me since it is a state park. One can look at it from ground level. There is no airspace over it... No airport, missile range or nuclear facility... Oh well, this is the way america is going. I was once told by a girlfriend of a friend "If you don't like it you could leave" Hmmmm. Food for thought. I was told this is just a party house, no-one actually lives there. Guards are posted there and monitor airspace infringements. There are flags on the property walls that in theory, provided one was over 500feet there is no airspace, but to keep the peace most humor the request to stay away. I flew with Joe Spinney, the present owner of UP (Ultralight Products) maker of the predator. Someone I'd not seen for many years, always a pleasure to catch up :)
We flew a number of passes trying to get that perfect shot, I got a few OK ones, but being in the right place at the right time with the right lighting and a steady hand is actually quite tricky.

Joe is actually flying John Heiney's Glider, you may recognise it...John flew a little later,
and turned a couple of circles in the vertical plane just for fun.
A fun afternoon, hanging with the Torrey Hawks and a wake up to California.

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