Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not luken' reel guud mate.

The forecast was for storms at the begging of the start gate yesterday. They were right on cue. Here is the team I have been flying with. Len has been driving and giving me some great direction, he is one of the top pilots in Australia, taking a short break from flying. I am very lucky to have gotten into his team, Guy has been kicking my ass daily. Geoff has been flying well too. Laura is keeping us in line. Between them I have had a few outback tours of the local flora and fauna. The outback may start a bit farther west... Everyone has there own interpretation of where the "black stump" is. Final Day today and Blay has only 40 points on Jonny, so that should be a pretty good race. I hope to make goal and maybe get some arrival points :) The winds seem light, it would be nice to do a triangle.

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rtdunn said...

Great stuff Ben, we're proud of you!