Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here are the results so far. Two more days to go. Already flown 24:43 hrs and 558.2miles this week!

Yesterday the task was 288km to the north. There was some interesting air on the way, a heavy inversion at 4700ft which I punched through at Gilgandra, into what felt like wave or wind sheer. Smooth 200ft/min up everywhere. Lower down the thermals were torn apart by the wind. I sank out 25km from goal, but for a personal best of 151.5 miles. After breaking down I noticed two wild Emu wondering around. I am told this is a TSR (Travelling Stock Route), which I presume to mean a route for migratory animals.


Brian Foster said...

Good Job Ben. Congrats on the personal best and 11th for the day too!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya mate ;-) Keep posting so us landlubbers can live vicariously through our bud.