Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bogong Day 4 Task 1

A promising start to the day today. We went over to a site called Mystic and flew from there. A ~120km task was set in a backwards "h" shape, ending at Mt Beauty airstrip.
Mount Buffalo can be seen to the left and northwest.
It is a national park and quite spectacular. It even has some hang gliding launches next to the visitors centor building (you can see in the centre if you look closely). Clicking on the picture expands it.
I took the first start at 2pm and did really well upto the 3rd and last turnpoint, then I got low and floundered a bit. I made goal, but scored zero for the day I believe. I strayed into airspace. With the resolution of my GPS it looked like I would have been outside, but as I went on course I didn't recheck and the hassel was problematic. I could not really see the airspace track on the screen because it was blocked by all the waypoints. To compound the problem I had auto-zoom on which retakes control of your screen after a few seconds. Since landing I have learned how to hide all the waypoints from the map view, disable the auto-zoom feature, and make the airspace tracklog black and my tracklog white so I can see them both... Lesson learned. I suppose it is not until I try to use these tools for something new, that I realize that there are inadequacies, deficiencies and better ways of doing things. It is neat to have the Airspace as a tracklog that you can see!

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