Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sunday at Mission

I was pleased to see my new mount fitted nicely on both my Litespeed leading edge and the Falcon Crossbar. They both have 2" diameter tubing. Shots were obtained using the intervalmeter on the Cannon again. Co-pilot is Dillon.Here is a picture of the mount. The PVC parts cost about $10 all together. The Silk mount was $20. But I have since found a lighter cheaper mount at Kmart for $12 that would work just as well. I cannot take credit for the design Bruce came up with the idea a couple years back.The next step would be to get a remote working, the S70 has a remote, but its performance is lousy. Again Bruce came up with a great work around with help from CHKDK. See how here :
Camera remote shutter release - breakthrough for Canon (link)
I wonder if the range is good enough to ring any bells below - how funny would it be to be flying around taking pictures and have a town of people below anwsering their front doors - heh heh heh. Its unlikey but funny thought regardless.

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