Thursday, October 2, 2008

Litespeed Tips

During the Lakeview meet a tear down inspection revealed a problematic tip on my litespeed. The sail strap pin had worn a hole through two layers of dacron. My Dad complained of a turn. We think that the pin was getting lodged in the sail cloth and maintaining the angle of attack established in a turn. This would make getting out of a turn difficult. So I have finally gotten around to fixing it. It mostly went to plan. I patched the hole with dacron tape inside and out sandwiching a fingernail size piece of mylar in the hole to fill the gap and stiffen up the area (the tape is very conforming and stretchy).
I have some old leading edge mylar that cut a strap from, I melted holes in it with a 1/4 inch drill piece heated on a camp stove. I ended up elongating the holes with a hot nail to account for space needed for the clevis pin ring.
The end result.
How it attatches.
I'll test fly this soon, but I don't expect any issues.

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Anonymous said...

thnx for the tips....I'll check out my own wing

season is winding down here...snow on the way this week