Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ellery Lake

Our plan was to head down to Mono Lake, but Ellery lake caught our eye and there were some beautiful campsites open next to it. We rallied to get the kayak in the water before sunset. The scenery was stunning. A snowfall the previous week left highlights on the surrounding peaks. The first turn revealed a Bald Eagle, hunting for dinner.
There were rainbow trout jumping out the water and pretty soon it was feasting.
The contrasting view across the lake at 9538 feet above sea level.
It was relatively warm in the sunshine.
Overnight the temperatures dropped to below 20'F. We weren't surprized but it was still cold !It was a while before we could brave getting up. We left the washing up in the bear locker. The colours were outstanding the in the early light.

I walked around for about an hour taking pictures, with my jaw on the ground.
Everywhere I looked the scenery was stunning.
There were Bear, Coyote and I think mountain lion tracks in the snow.
Sigh ! Awesome ...

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