Friday, October 3, 2008

Ryan's Mission intro.

Actually todays flight had 3 purposes, test fly the old litespeed after the previous impact and modifications, test fly my new camera mount and Ryan's site intro. We set our gliders up after going through the process of getting to launch. Using my new mount I attatched my cannon s70 and set the intervalometer to 1 minute for 100 pictures. Roy and I were pleased to see Ryan's flawless flight. perfect launch, landing approach and flare. Hardly a bump in the air despite Roy flying for 2 1/2 hours prior. (Not that he causes all the bumps ;) I launched, flying over the Hayward fault before sinking down the ridges. Pretty soon I was in the LZ. The camera angle was pretty good. A bit more wing would be good, and a hint of sunlight would make a better picture I am sure... The randomness of the 1 minute timer yields some interesting pictures.

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Ryan Goebel said...

Thanks again for showing me around Mission. Looking forward to putting some time in there this fall/winter.