Monday, September 7, 2015

Mt Lewis

Returning from Salt Lake City, Wayne, me, Glen and Lauren decided to try fly Mt Lewis. Thanks Zac for the waypoints. While the mountain is unlikely to win any scenery of the year awards, I think at almost 10,000ft it is the highest launch I've flown from.

The wind was light and variable which at the peak of a 10k mountain was eery.

Glen launched first, we watched as he ran and ran and ran into ~7mph slight right cross. Wayne and I waited and scoped out other launch possibilities but ended up taking the same launch and waiting what seemed for ever for a good cycle.

The climb out was pretty easy, but the thermals were not well behaved. They topped out just 3k over.

Which was surprisingly little wiggle room for glide. We flew south, looking for some scenery.

Didn't find a whole lot...

So with the long drive ahead we corkscrewed down.

And all landed totally different directions. One thing I noticed on descent were what I thought were water lines, (channels water would run or drain off in) I look at these for slope indication (you don't want to land downhill), anyway these didn't seem to make sense. After I landed I noticed shoeless hoof prints. Ah wild horses! of course. You can see one such channel to my right. 

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launched from 40.403486° -116.868875°