Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dinosaur awards and more hiking.

There would be no more flying in this meet, results can be found here. It was great to see so many new (to me) faces, I would say up and comers, but as you can see they are flying so much better than that! Well done Kelly, Beau and Nathan. A huge thank you to Terry and Chris Reynolds for putting on the meet, G.W. Meadows for running it, and J.Z. helping out too. Despite the weather I think everyone had a great meet, safe, fun and educational and incredibly scenic.

At the last minute Glen was passed by a very slim margin by Zac for the big win open class. Replays of the race remain viewable on airtribune : I am still laughing at how far offtrack I got day 3

Wayne and I took one last hike in Dinosaur on the way out of town.

The Sound of Silence trail we'd seen the day before looked too good to pass up.

The sound of silence was actually thunderous, standing on the ancient sand dune was not a great idea. But look at the layers ! Very cool. We were back in the car just as the rain started. Until next time Colorado :)

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