Thursday, December 18, 2014

more Valle de Bravo

The Lake has a really cool Yacht club building, I don't know if it is open or finished yet, or even what it was before it was a yatch club. Heidi and I wandered down to see if we might rent a small dingy for a sail round the lake.

Not more than 20 mins later we were on a J24 with nice breeze blowing. It was a lot more boat than I was bargaining for. I was a little taken back they lent to me without any credentials for cash! It is a whole lot of boat for just two people.

In an hour and a half we pretty much went around the whole lake. There was enough wind to make it interesting. The views are nice too.

Another trip we took was down to the cascades and waterfalls. It's worth knowing that these are two different creeks. Danny, Taryn and I went for a short walk at this cascade n19.1724°, w100.1183°, before finding the rest of the group at Velo de Novia falls : n19.1647, w100.1431. Given it was the end of the rainy season which was a pretty wet one, the falls were flowing well.

And just like that our time in Valle de Bravo was up. We thought we had better check out the night scene before leaving, so we walked into to town. The Christmas lights were up already.

We met Jeff, Norma, Majo and a few others at La Mezcal for our last night in town. Mezcal is similar to tequila but different variety of cactus and not quite so refined. Fun times ! I'll be back for sure, Valle.

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