Thursday, December 11, 2014

Around Valle de Bravo

Our first trip was to go see some flying critters, I was too tired to go fly myself and feel safe. The Monarchs migrate from where I used to live in Santa Cruz (amongst other places) around the end of October, and were arriving at their winter destination in full force. And for those that don't enjoying being lost here's a coordinate for the sanctuary : N19.1739 W99.9578 The Hike upto the grove goes from 9500'msl to close to 11,000'msl, so flip flops aren't the best ;) It's funny to me how difficult it is to navigate in Mexico. Even two taxi drivers were lost within 5 mins in their own home town ? And it's not that they were trying to scam us. Maybe it's just an education thing?

The video just doesn't do the fluttering millions justice, so here is a picture of us watching the swarms and clusters of Monarchs. We're impressed!

The house had a couple of kayaks to use, so that was one of the first things I did. No better way to relax for me.

The edge of the lake has some scenic spots. But I forgot my waterproof box so no pictures...

Later on in the stay Heidi and I wandered up La Pina, the rock on the pennisular. We took a taxi to near the start, he didn't actually know where the trail was... I couldn't fathom that.

From the kayak it looked like there was some shrine up on top, so I figured we should be able to walk up there and see a view. 

It turns out the top is actually a park and of course there are spectacular views.

The trail up and down is nice, it's shaded and winds through the boulders that must be the remnants of a volcanic column.

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