Sunday, May 4, 2014

Grand Parents visit

Time to meet their new granddaughter. My Mum and Dad flew in for a couple of weeks.

On the weekends I found some activities we could all, do. First up my recent favorite : Coyote Hills Regional park. Maddy's not quite strong enough to ride a bike yet. And Gloria's knee is no good for walking. So Mum, Dad and I rode in from Don Edwards, and met them there. Where I'd trade the bike for Maddys, buggy. 

It's a great ride, on a warm spring day. In the park Heidi and Gloria grabbed the tandem and rode around the park with Mum and Dad, While Maddy and I strolled up the hill.

On this day the butterfly garden was open. Lots of blooming flowers and a few butterflys.

The next day, we went to Joseph D Grant park. Mostly to see the rose garden which was bare sticks 6 weeks ago. 

The garden was quite spectacular. Old roses from the historic ranch house have been well cared for. I took Maddy for a good long stroll which she happily slept through, unlike the previous day, wailing through the wilderness.

The following weekend, we all went up to Sunol wilderness. It was nice to see the park green. We went up through little yosemite valley, and around through the McCorkle trail. The gullied out single track was maybe an enthusiastic choice but the buggy made it through surprisingly well.

The views were great and Maddy seemed to like the bumpy bits best. We've named the her buggy "The Chariot" and hope to take it many places.

And just like that the whirwind trip was over.

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