Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lic Observatory

Madalynns' first big adventure, up top of Mt Hamilton.

She expressed a desire to learn more about where she came from, so I figured I'd start from the very begining.

The road up there is pretty twisty and windy. She fared better than any of us. Although there was some possible evidence of being scared ?

The landscape up top is neat, almost European feel with the history and old community houses up there, to bad the community left.
The views from up top can be spectacular. It was a little hazy this day but better than average.

I stuck the iphone up next to the telescope and snapped a couple of pictures. The hill in the foreground is Quimby infront of downtown San Jose.

It was a nice day to sit around and take in the views. Lic Observatory offers tours, of a couple of the scopes.

On the way back we stopped for dinner at  the mt Hamilton Grandview restaurant . It's been on the to do list for a while. Sponsered by my Mum - Thanks Mum ! You'll have to try this place yourselves when you visit. Great food.

Maddy behaved herself the whole time! We questioned our choice on the way in, but it worked out great.

It's a great place to see the sunset from too.

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