Monday, May 26, 2014

Joseph Grant County Park

After some long days and nights this week, hiking seemed to be the best way to unwind. So we headed off to the local Park - Joseph Grant - armed with the big 3 wheeler, 3 spare daipers, 3 litres of water and insufficient sunblock for us...

Hiking up to the ridge was the hottest part, mostly because the sea breeze didn't roll through until about 1:30pm. Maddy was in good spirits so we continued on around the bigger loop - the Dutch flat trail. As you can see the green grass is history, for this season.

We saw this calm Gopher snake, well I did anyway :) It was hanging out in the middle of the trail. It was a pretty good size, five feet maybe.

There are quite a few woodpeckers around the plentiful oaks. Despite being bone dry there is still some color here and there.

Especially in the rose garden. Although that is kind of cheating isn't it ;) with the irrigation and all. I enjoy them though.

One thing Heidi and I noticed is the sign saying campground full. And yet on the whole hike of 3.5 hours we saw 3 people. What a contrast to Mission peak.

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