Friday, June 10, 2011


So he we are - Alaska :) Preparing for the next adventure. For a few years a few of us having been saying "Yeah we will come visit some time" to our friends Ben and Perry. Well sometime has arrived.I arrived at 1am and got to their house about 2am. This is the view at 2am here in Fairbanks. Quite light eh ?
I went for a wonder around town the next day. Fairbanks is the start of the Yukon Quest.
Bruce got in, in the afternoon and we started putting the raft together to make sure we have all the bits and bobs, we didn't. That is good to know since we are "flying in". We'll get the rest of the pieces today.
The plan is to fly in to the entry with to Josephs Airstrip on the middle fork of the fortymile river. It will take 3 trips in the Piper to get us and our gear, literally landing on the river bank. From there we plan on spending 6 days on the river and imerging at the first road and civilization at the Taylor hiway river bridge. They is only one portage at "the kink". Hopefully we will get a chance to gold pan along the way.
Tracey, Wayne and Perry should arrive tonight and that will make 6 of us :) and Panda the dog. Today we get packed up and food stashed in boxes. This will be quite an experience. We should be back in a week. If not ... you know where we are.


keishya said...

Panda for real is my dogs name she is 13 this august and was born at Morningside Flight Park in NH.
never e ver met or heard of another Panda the cool.

west coast brit said...

You'd think Panda had some while on her, but her name actually comes from Pandaloona (a Trousers pun) - I like puns :)