Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tracey has a new bike

On the way back from Reno, the plan was to ride the famous Tahoe flume trail (one of my favourites). However with the altitude and our schedule, we decided to do it at a time we could enjoy it more.
We settled for a ride around Spooner Lake (or 4).
Its a short but pretty ride, and only recently opened for bike riding on a trial basis.
It winds its way around the lake through Aspen trees, and Pondarosa pines.
A couple of weeks ago, Tracey showed me a ride around the local "Water Dog Lake" Park I was impressed by the trails, most park trails are beneign and graded so that park vehicles can use them. Not this one...
Interesting how wild it was too, right in the middle of the densist population I've ridden in. After a couple of hours of exillirating trails and lots of uphill, Tracey took a dive. Having breezed through a number of technical and difficult decents, she came off in a calm section of trail next to a deep concrete culvert. Taking the bike with her, she landed up-side-down on her shoulder. Ouch. I checked her over for a minute or so, and banned her from riding her bike more. We walked out of the park. I got the car and we went and got xrays. Partially torn ligament in the shoulder... Damn - that's going to take some time to heal.

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Banned me? You banned me from riding down the mountain? In your dreams, Darlin. - Tracey