Monday, April 19, 2010

Rob Kells Memorial Meet 2010 - so far

I finally arrived at Florida Ridge Hang Gliding Park. I happened to know the next couple of days weather was looking a bit dodgy. So I take a couple of tows on the new sail to blow away the cobwebs.Alex's Dad is driving for us this comp. We are very lucky to have such a experienced pilot and supper nice guy drive for us.
Jonny was helping Dustin see what he looked like in Jeff's new covert harness. Looks pretty slick.
Jonny, Dustin and Alex and the Dragon flies all put a show on for us.
Just before the rain started....
The first couple of days were a really quite damp. The second day a large group of us went to see the movie "How to Train your Dragon". Honestly I had no idea what I was going to see, but there are some great flying scenes in it, sometimes people ask me what Hang Gliding is like, well it actually is quite like this, really...

Today we got a short task in, the ground was super wet after all the rain yesterday. Cloudbase was really low in the morning. I didn't think we would fly. The Task was a 48km dogleg downwind. I flew with Ricker on and off. I think most folks had moments of grovelling. Only 14 made it to goal I beleive. Look how wet the ground is.
Scores are up already here . Hmmm looks like it was 13 and I was 13th... well room for improvement there. It was a tricky day, many very good pilots "splashed down" into the flooded fields.