Sunday, April 25, 2010

Race and Rally 2010

The weather looked pretty iffy this morning, but we set a task anyway making the best of an optimistic forecast. Only Jonny and Dustin made it in to goal. I was surprized, while it was a struggle the wind was blowing us toward goal and slow climbs would have got us there eventually.I raced off with Zac and Daniel landing with James 4.5km short. There were some pretty swampy crossings near lake Okeechobee. Rumours are some landed in this shiney grass...
As I came in on final I flew over what looked like some pretty exotic birds. I've never seen Sandhill Cranes before, but apparently there are not uncommon. You can see the chicks in the nest if you look closely. (Click on the picture to largen).
It is pouring rain, hail and lightning at the moment. Tomorrow looks iffy too. We will see what happens.

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