Sunday, April 11, 2010

New sail at Marshall

Here I am at Marshall peak, in the San Bernardino Mountains. My mission was to testfly my new sail, that Kraig and Jonny helped me put on yesterday. I think this is Morton Peak to the east.
The winds really picked up through the day and there were moments of pretty textured air. Lenticular wave clouds were stacking up through the day.
I ended up just flying out infront to stay out of the high level winds and associated turbulence. I saw these two ballons swirling their way up toward me. It was surprizingly difficult to get a good shot of them. Quite fun trying though.
Nice landing on the green grass. Mission accomplished, the glider flys straight as an arrow, many pilots were drooling over the wing (including me) I am pretty stoked.
I bumped in to Jason Boehm, and Dave Aldrich while I was there. Always fun to see familiar faces far from home.

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