Thursday, April 29, 2010

Race and Rally

results after task4
Well, after a hiatus from Rallying or Racing, we are rallying again northward.Today we flew from Quest to Williston. The start was a game of survival (staying in the air).I had long since stopped paying attention to time, but somehow managed to luck into getting a good start.
This start turned out to be important in the end. Here we are on glide.

Plenty of water here in Florida. After a few pretty good glides, I got a little cocky toward goal, and left on an 18:1 glide, thinking I should easily find another climb on the way in, in air that had less of a side wind. This decision very almost put me on the ground, and certainly cost my 10 places. However I made it in, and only lost out on 100 points or so. Sometimes you've got to take a chance. Tomorrow looks like a good race day, I am looking forward to it. I'm stoked to have Brian here too who is having some good flights and seeing so new scenery. He very almost made goal today at 109km. His blog is here

Also a good read is Jeff's account of wading through a Swamp

Jonny has also been making Video logs of the flights, it is still amazing to me how he flys better than most pilots while only using one hand !!

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