Monday, September 21, 2009

Out classed by our retrieve crew

Yesterday was a fun first day. The conditions were a bit soft, and the day a little short. Here is the task at 111 km. The team members that performed best were Wendy and Christina, thanks guys :) Wendy found me before I'd had a chance to even get my phone out. She'd been keeping an eye on us from the ground. An almost impssible task. I made several misjudgments that slowed my up yesterday. Overshot the start cylinder a few hundred meters, had to go back to the first turnpoint, as I wasn't sure I got it the first time. Most importantly after the last turnpoint there was a choice of go wide around the dry area to goal, or go straight.
The pilots that made it went around to the south. I chose straight, and had a bouyant glide to this cow...

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