Saturday, September 26, 2009

Apparently I flew with a crack in my downtube today. Err Brazilian I beleive... The day seemed to be really booming and I raced to the first turnpoint and half way to the second. Then I went right of the dropzone for Eloy. It is an Skydiving airport - one of the busiest in country, on a saturday to boot. I went wide and sank into the soft farmland. I had almost given up. but held on for some weak climbs. I was 5kms from the turn point. One hour later I was still 5km from the turnpoint but now downwind in the desert and way off courseline. I was starting to lose hope. Yet I could not give up. Eventually I tagged the second waypoint and went on glide for a landing. Star of the Day Brian came in and landed right next to me. He is star of the day because Mother nature swatted him yesterday, and with some great WW help expoxied his glider back together and had a great flight.

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