Friday, September 18, 2009

Off to Casa Grande, Arizona

Its been a really busy few weeks - rushing around between work and organising for the up coming Santa Cruz Flats competition. Chris, Ryan Try and I flew McClure last weekend, a last minute decision of tempting flying weather pointed out by Chris. Good call on the weather, but the late nights and early mornings started to make that basetube look quite comfortable. I got into some sort of low level wave at 3500ft and rode it upto 5700ft smooth as the smoothest coastal air, a good opportunity for a power nap. Eventually the south wind broke down and the north prevailed, I fell out of the wave, with a rather uneligant flailing toward the LZ. There was still plenty and heat and energy in the air. Thermals started tracking up horseshoe mountain instead, and I did a couple more laps round the valley, before landing next to the cooler. Hmm that reminds me I owe Ryan a few beers :) And Chris for that matter.

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