Sunday, March 15, 2009

S.F. City views

Saturday was a toss up between Funston and Mission, and actually both sites worked well. I chose Funston because it has more ridge to soar and thats what the day looked to be offering. Quite a few pilots were out enthusiastic for the new season. The wind was pretty strong and a bit north, so no worries about getting lowish near S.F. Zoo. Golden gate bridge in the top left. I mostly flew with Chris and Brian. Here is Chris over Westlake. Brian also at Westlake but looking west obviously. A better view of golden gate bridge and Tiberon in the background. Downtown S.F. Treasure Island off to the right, Oakland on the otherside of the Bay. How lucky are we to be able to fly here ? The sunset was pretty spectacular on the way home too. I had to jump out of the car when the sun poked benieth the cloud deck.

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