Monday, March 16, 2009

Classic Ed Levin

The forecast was a bit sketchy, but as the day went on classic prefrontal conditions developed at Ed Levin. That being south wind, overcast, cold and lift everywhere. I am glad Urs convinced me to fly the Litespeed, having driven though 40 mins of drizzel to get there, a dacron glider seemed like a better choice. Very green this time of year. The thermals were better behaved out in front (and probably later in the day). It is the first time I've been able to fly out over the valley, look there's Mission Soaring. Looking back at Monument peak. The view over the back of Ed Levin. With a driver and a plan, the way to have gone would have been out over Livermoore, into the central valley, catch the north wind and head south Bakersfield way, or San Luis Obisbo...
There's Livermoore in the sunshine, passed Sunol Wilderness. The wind switched north as the front passed, and cloudbase dropped a thousand feet. I headed out towards Mission. Plenty of ridge lift infront of the peak, all the way up to 3000' Rain fell on the coast side of the bay all day.
On the way back from Mission I flew over summit point golf course, where Wings of Rogallo have the meetings (next one tuesday). There's the landing zone, left of the lake.


Ryan Goebel said...

What a day. Looks like it went from good to epic as I was leaving. Great photos!

liulijian said...

Thanks for sharing your flight pictures! They are absolutely awesome! I am simply jealous about your Sunday flight.