Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lancair Bay Tour

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to get an invite from captain Tom to go for a fly in his Lancair 235.

He even came and picked me up from my doorstep (Reid Hillview Airport, how cool is that? We took off and were instantly over Alum Rock park, where Heidi and I like to mountain bike.

From there we did a quick flyby of Mission peak, a popular hiking peak above Fremont.

Then looking at Mt Diablo over Pleasanton Ridge.

Pleasanton Ridge looks like it would be a nice place to fly. And on our left side to the west was a nice view of Carquinez Strait looking out to San Francisco.

Just for fun Tom performed a roll.

And a loop over Suisun Bay.

We passed over Napa and Sonoma, and landed at Petaluma Municipal for a bit to eat. Not that we were tired it was only a 40 min dogleg !

There were some neat planes in Petaluma, A couple of Rutan VariEze's and a Honet STOL Toms' Lancair of course :) and I don't remember what this one is...

From there we went southwest over Tiberon, passed Angel Island, the Golden gate bridge,

and San Francisco.

A quick fly-by of Funston to wave at a few of our buddies.

The famous Mavericks surf spot and Half moon Bay airport.

Back over the coastal hills over Stanford University. 

Across the South Bay and home. I feel pretty lucky to have had this opportunity, and on an unusually clear day to boot ! Thanks Tom :)

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Thanks for the company Ben.