Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bike ride around Coyote Hills

Apart from a fun party, Maddy got for her first birthday a bike seat. Its the WeeRide. I have no interest taking Maddy riding on the roads, I do that myself every day. It's not safe and it's not fun. So we wanted something that would work on a gravel track and take a few ruts at least.

Today was her first full ride on it. I'm not sure if the nap interuption was good or bad. She was placid, but doing the hungry chicken.

Getting the helmet to sit right was probably the biggest challenge. I'm under no illusion that next time will be the same...

There is a lot of weight on the front tire and gravel was probably my biggest safety concern before setting out. It wasn't an issue, but the trail gravel chosen certainly makes me leery.

Perfect day for a trail trial! Thanks Mammie Raye and Grandude :)


Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Ben. Definitely awhole new adventure!! Cheers PK

Unknown said...

Did you know Coyote Hills used to be an historic hang gliding site? Pat told me that some of the footage of stunt flying in the "Blue Skies" DVD was filmed there.

I wish we could get the site open again it is always windy there.

west coast brit said...

@Ome Ga. I did - RCs are still flown there, but the water is close and not really anywhere to land a modern glider. But you'd think there might be somewhere around the bay suitable to train.