Tuesday, January 6, 2015


New Years Day, we set off for Pinnacles National Park. The scenery is fantastic, it's not too far away and with a 3 wheeler it's has some challenges, something I enjoy.

It has some interesting geology too. It is half the insides of the Neenach volcano that straddles the San Andreas Fault, the other half got eroded near present-day Lancaster, California, some 195 miles south.

Wikipedia has the plates moving at an average 35mm/year so in 23 million years, it should have moved ~800km, which is x2.5 too much. Perhaps the math doesn't work because the fault and the plates are not rigidly together ? I thought it interesting to do the math.

There are fantastic views all the way round the high peaks loop, and the winter lighting makes the photos prettier. It gets Arizona hot there in the summer.

There are only a few spots where the 3 wheeler couldn't go, so I just folded it up and carried it for those short sections.

Fantastic trail.

There are bats flying in the caves in the evening.

Just a couple hour walk even with the stroller and lunch stops. Happy New Year !!

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