Sunday, July 7, 2013

Other things in June

Down the street in Wimberly there is an open air theather (corral), it only opened for the season in May, when it is generally too hot and light to late ? But we found a cool Friday evening to go enjoy the latest Star Trek movie. It was a fun "local" experience ;)

We celebrated the end of the school year, and the party pit got its debut.

The steps we perhaps the hardest thing to get right, certainly looks better with a lick of paint. It's a work in progress.

Somewhere in there we went to go see Bob Schnider play some tunes again. A Fun band - I increased my enjoyment factor by wearing earplugs the whole night. I must be getting old.

With clouds like this around - the desire to fly is strong. Davis and Ricker were up north of Austin with Chris trying to break the Single Surface Distance world record. I happilly joined in and flew ~56miles upto near Waco with Davis.  

Big Bird flew quite nicely in the strong winds, although it's a pig to tow behind the light trike. Thanks to Mike for the tow.

Belinda was following along right below us. I'm looking forward to Big Spring this year, which she and Davis have taken on the organisation of.

In the meantime I've been working in a wood shop making a bazzillion draws. This is about half of them (unfinished). I am enjoying working with wood. 

Ricker visited again and we flew Luling. The plan was to fly back to the lake, but the weather had other plans. The forecast was for light winds on the ground and light winds at cloud base. This held true, but with 22 mph quatering headwind 3k through 8k. It was a fun challenge - but the flight to the lake remains uncompleted.

With the stretch between Hunter and Pergatory and to the lake in the background, rather tricky in the strong rough air, we talked ourselves down into a bar in Hunter. Rileys Tavern claims to be the oldest bar in Texas. It was 108'F so some cool liquid and air con was welcome. Thanks Andy for coming and finding us.

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