Thursday, July 4, 2013

more windsurfing

Jacobs creek park - much better place to launch from. I've been improving day on day. Although the wind is finally calming down into what I understand is the normal summer pattern. When it was windy the other day, Ricker came down and played. He had so much fun, remembering how he used to windsurf, he returned the following week with a quiver of equipment.

I don't think I stayed on the board to much long after hitting this wave, but I figure it's a cool shot. I'm still trying to figure out good ways and places to mount the camera. Some of the wipe outs have lead my to believe I'm lucky to have not destroyed or lost the camera yet.

I've been picking up tips from Mike, Jack, Jim the local guys here, Also tips out of this book There are many things to learn of course. The tiny differences in setup have dramatic differences in handling. Mike has generously also lent me a board and harness to try out, which made me realize how bad the equipment was I had.

Now it's even more fun. The winds on the lake can often be gusty, leading to some fast crashes. Think I skipped on the water 3 times on Monday, still a bit sore !

This is probably more what things should look like, although the sail is too slack and the boom to high, but at least the mast foot is in a better position.

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