Friday, December 2, 2011

Going Underground

After six days straight at the Luling airfield it was time to go explore somewhere. Kit, Ewelina and me, headed to Natural Bridge Caverns.
Its been a little while since I've been down a cave.
Being a tourist cave, venturing off the path is off limits, but that keeps the spectacular formations prestine.
I forgot my camera, not that I've had much luck with underground photography in the past.
These pictures were all taken with my phone! I can't believe how well they came out.
Of course the cave is very well lit.
The short trip made me want to join a "Spelunking" club, I have great memories from teenage years, swimming through caves in freezing water, and climbing up waterfalls in the pitch black.


Anonymous said...

really cool caves! Kathryn

west coast brit said...

Indeed, quite a surprize :)