Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kayaking upstream

What to do today? Something different! Explore somewhere local and get some exercize...
I've been eyeing up the Guadalupe river each time I pass over the bridge. Time for a kayak tour.
A small amount of research on Google earth found a launch point right under the I35 freeway - nice - not!
No matter, soon we we are headed upstream.
 Look closely and you'll see a couple of turtles on the tree.
 We headed up the Comal river.
 Which is pretty amazing, a few of the rivers around here are spring fed, 72'F year round and outstandingly clear. That's swimming pool temperature ! Check out this link.
 We found some rather sedate rapids to play in, still fun though.
 And still easy enough to topple in - hah hah.

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