Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leon Creek

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without buying myself a new toy, so i picked up a chest mount for the goPro Camera. I headed for Government Canyon State park, only to find it closed tue, wed, thu... Sad, closed even to walking ? I don't know. The concept of closing the outdoors seems strange to me, outside of nuclear leaks, or war zones etc.

Plan B then, Leon Creek, which has some single track too. Jeff and Heidi showed me around on Thanks Giving - Thanks Jeff, Thanks Heidi  :)
 So here are some results from the chest mounted GoPro.
 The angle is pretty neat, and no need to stop for every photo op.
 Of Course the angle gets to be a bit the same after a while.

But last time I went I had not camera (or a chance of keeping up)   ;)

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