Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well it has been a busy few weeks here in Texas. Much of my time has been spent working on the website for the Hang Gliding school we are putting together ThermalRiders, it's a work in progress still, but has the basics at least. Between that, testing out the equipment and teaching, there's not been time for much else. Having said that, I did get to check out San Antonio a bit more, the art gallery has a sky bridge with a view of the city, the building itself is the old Lone Star Brewery.
Last week I designed and put up some posters for Faulkers pub. Which hopefully will get a few more folks interested in Hang Gliding locally here.
Driving back from Luling we stumbled on this gasoline station, I think it was still in operation, I don't think they take credit cards though ;)
Finally I got out and about yesterday, Kit, my partner in crime took my by the Gruene Hall, a famous music Hall.
Looking at all the old photos I look forward to seeing some of of the music I like here.
Gruene also has a nice river running through it, which deserted at the moment is packed in the summer by people tubing. Easy to see why.
Locally there is a strong German influence, New Braunfels hosts a "Wurstfest" I don't know about how traditional that might be in Germany ?
There was plenty of Sauerkraut and German beer on hand, it certainly was a popular festival.

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