Monday, July 18, 2011

Going into the last day at King Mtn

The town fed us breakfast Saturday morning, the final day of the meet. As we sat there eating many of us knew it could be a game changing day. Some of us had a spare but low score day, and for others the day would count in full. Bill had a sore shoulder and was undecided as to whether or not to fly.The forecast was for a strong crosswind. Generally this means winds out of the canyon from the left. Surprizingly the air came straight in almost.The air was very bouyant everywhere. Which was lucky for me as I had neglected my vario, and it was not working.I figured out how to use my GPS as an alitimeter and vario and carried on, I don't know what the the time intervals are, certainly not the same as the vario thats for sure.Mostly I flew straight in the bouyant air. Working the surges, the thermals were not subtle, so after a bang or too and a couple of circles I could check the climb averager to see what my climb was. The Terrain was stunning with very little haze in the air. Before crossing the Lost River range I worked up some altitude. And crossed through double springs pass. The wind was southerly and there was a cloud street right on course. Why not ? My Go Pro camera filled soon after and missed the amazing views on the way to Salmon. This time I made the designated fair grounds LZ for 104 miles or so. Not bad for flying without a vario. Here are the trophies to be awarded. Scores will be published soon here:


JackieB said...

Awesome Job, Ben!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job, Ben!
I had trouble enough getting there with my 6030.