Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And just like that 10 days was up.

Sadly it was all over way too quickly, the balance of rushing around trying to make use of the time we had verses being too tired and rushed to take in the experience is a fine one. I think we did well.
The journey home was a bit stressful, We got up at 4am to get to the airport extra early to deal with the glider. My parents drove down from Castellane through the night with the glider in a huge storm. At one point the road was an inch deep in hail. At 5am the heavens opened at the airport and the power went out. Ground lightning everywhere. Not the best start to the day...
When I got to the counter with my glider the staff had the look of "you have to be kidding me" all the computers were going up and down with the power. They just came up to me and said you cannot take this.
But I had prearranged it and had a small piece of paper showing this. After an hour of checks they accepted the glider, only to take away the relief moments later say security do not have the infrastructure to process it. Politics... Grrr.
Well in the end I had to get on my flight and my parents took my glider to freight.
I am very grateful for the help. I am praying the glider shows up in one piece.

Once home in San Francisco I had a day to unpack, repack, find out what was happening with my glider and head to Arizona. My glider might show up Monday. I had to leave Friday... No Glider and one hour into the drive my truck started misfiring :(

Brian Porter and Randee to the rescue! I rode with them from Merced.
Kraig sorted me out a glider to fly, and here I am Santa Cruz Flats Arizona.
What great friends I have (and am very indebited too)
Thank you !!

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