Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Up in the French Alps

Tracey and I met both my sisters, Mateo, Fabrice and Simon in Annecy. Another beautiful medievel town, this one is on a lake, with some Canals running through the town. The water is very clear.
We had a bite to eat and explored the town.
Lac Annecy is plenty big enough to sail, swim, water ski, and enjoy. I spent some time as a kid Mountain biking and windsurfing in the area while Dad was Hang gliding. I was fun to see the place after so many years.
The next morning Tracey and I walked out of Tamsins back door to see stunning views of Mt Blanc.
It is unusual to get such cloudless views. We were excited about the prospect of seeing Mt Blanc up close and personal the next day.

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