Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tandems at Marina

About a week ago Monday a good buddy of mine called and said "Hey Marina is going to be good today". I figured it might well be but my beach glider is in a sad state of repair (because it is a beach glider and it has probably 800 hours on it). "Got any friends who want to go fly today?" "I'll make some calls" said Trey. Well thats good enough for me, to justify the gas. The conditions were indeed, good.
Nice and smooth, easy to launch from the landing area. Noice !
One of Trey's buddys got to fly for a good 12 minutes and we were in the air for 50 or so minutes.

Trey put together this pretty fun video. As you can see Marina is a pretty tight place to fly

Trey's Blog Marina has just gotten much more constricted as the Snowy Plover fences are going up even earlier this year. I don't understand why the fences are put below the high tide line. Do the birds really lay their eggs in the tide zone? Do they survive?
Anyway be careful out there, the rusty galvenized steel posts are difficult to see against the sand, and not in the most logical places.

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