Monday, March 15, 2010

Calling the Devils bluff.

The clocks went forward last night and spring is here - Yay. The Ice plant is just coming into flower and Big Basin is lush and green. I've been wanted to fly with my camera mounted here for years, yesterday I finally had everything together for that to happen. You can see Ano Neuvo (an Elephant seal colony) in the background. In the background you can see the blackened trees from last years "Lockheed fire".
Thermalling at this site is always weird, inversions, horizontal and vertical wind shears are almost always here, gliders have been tumbled in the passed. Its important to keep your airspeed up or a good amount of bank. I have as tight a grip here on the control bar as the owens. Interestingly yesterday, lift was consistly cold air, and the horrible sink was warm. I postulate that the warm air was an east wind, and since I was pointed west into cold west lift, when I flew out of the lift I would have no air speed and all of a sudden and fall 80 feet or so. This is known as the "spanking".

Looking back toward Santa Cruz.
Just entering some "textured" air, ready and prepared for a good spanking, yesterday was actually not so bad.
Ryan coming into land. It was really fun flying with 3 high performance wings in close proximity and seeing the results of slightly different choices. As always the Devils bluff retains its reputation :)

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