Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dingo and his flying videos

Thursday last week was a nice day at Funston. Soaring window was from 10am till dusk. 10 hours. I think I probably only flew for 4 of those hours.
Dingo has been taking some incredible video footage recently, and making very entertaining videos. Just last week he and a couple of other hosted this event. vimeo.com/channels/norcalfreeflightfilmfest He has gotten good at minimizing the risks of flying in close proximity to other aircraft. Toward the end of the day I ended up standing on his noseplate out infront of Westlake. I was flying my Falcon which made it easier and safer. John "Sidewire" Simpson also playing in the sky, doing loops for my Tandem student to see. A beautiful sunset was followed by a gust front and heavy rain. Here are a couple of the best movies from the festival.

NorCal FreeFlight Film Festival from Jose Pruneda

2009 Year in Review by Charley Kurlinkus

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