Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dr Paul from Idaho

came to visit as part of his Spring '10 California tour. I took him and his brother on a couple of mountain bike tours.
We started off in Wilder Ranch, where spring is in full swing. I'm sure Wild Iris don't usually bloom until May ? Grass was all green, hardly surprizing with 2 weeks of warm sunshine after a month of rain. Wilder has a really nice selection of diverse terrain and eco-systems.
Santa Cruz has a diverse range of cultures... It was a warm day in March, with the easter holidays the beach was packed. Some folks were swiming in the ocean without wetsuits ! (They have to be mad !)Round 2 was Big Basin State Park. Waddle beach to Berry creek Falls. The falls were in full flow, very nice to see.The lighting in the canyon is different everytime I visit, I see something new everytime.
Paul & Peter were excited to see this little Salamander.
I think we spent 6.5 hours on the trail that day and it was over all to quickly. It was great to see Paul again, and return the tour guide favour :)

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Anonymous said...

OK, so here it is April 1'st and I'm just getting to your blog. Pete and I were glad for a day's rest after those outings but grateful for their happening.

Interesting flight at Ed Levin...we still have snow in the yard and it's snowing now!

I suppose you are on your way to Florida now? This mobile fly-in format really has me intrigued.

Take some pics...