Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speed Gliding at Ed Levin

With a long enough gap in the weather - the 2010 Ed Levin Speed Gliding Race was ON !

Artwork by Eric Froehlich

Link to the Rules

The Course is set out below. I believe it is very similar to the course used to select the U.S. speed gliding team many years back 1999 perhaps?

The 7am pilots briefing was held at Mission Soaring. Thanks to Pat and Megan for getting up super early to help with the Official business.

Here is Chris, one of the 3 meet organizers. This style of race needs many volunteers and considerable co-ordination. Chris is not just a Hang Gliding mentor... He has been giving fashion advice to U2's guitarist "The Edge".
Brian another of the 3 meet organizers, gets ready. Brian abandoned the idea of fashion mentor after Jamiroquai took his advice too literally.
The course was a real eye opener! Going through the course entry gate, I quickly realized I was dealing with way more than I had prepared for. Picture by professional photographer "Spinneyman"
Struggling to keep the glider on course. I and many other realized on our first run that we needed a more head down harness attitude. The course was designed to factor in skill way more than glider performance. Getting down through the altitude gates was very challenging.
Here's a great picture at the 300' altitude gate by talented photographer, Frank Peel, you can see the rest of his pictures here
The early misty stable air was perfect for speed gliding.
Racing through the finish gate was quite a rush, 5 feet off the ground 60mph.

Final Competition Results

Rookie Class:
1. Jason French (picture by Eric Froehlich)

2. Mary Plavec
3. Mark Suttie

King Post Class:
1. Dirk Morris (picture by Eric Froehlich)

2. Brett D'Aquino
3. Walter Whiteside

Open Class:
1. Jason Boehm (with John Borton - meet director)
Check out those prizes ! (Made by Brian Horgan)

2. Ben Dunn
3. Chris Valley

A big THANK YOU to the organizers Chris, Brian and John, for pulling off a prestigous meet, and the to many volunteers without which the event would not have happened.

I truely enjoyed it, and I believe it will be recognized as a moment in Ed Levin Hang Gliding history and the Wings Of Rogallo hang gliding club.

Well Done !!

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