Monday, February 8, 2010

Nice day at Mission

Early season at Mission yesterday, everything is so green. The birds were out enjoying it too, Hawks, Kites and Golden Eagles. I snuck up on this guy, I got closer, but he spotted me and dove before the next shot. It was awesome though, believe me.
Another highlight of the day was taking Vitoria up. A buddying Hang2 soon to be Hang3, great conditions for that level of the learning process. Ed Levin is the familiar site for many students,
seeing it from this angle is neat.
Unfortunately I forgot my vario, making it a little difficult once away from the hill, but Victoria flew great anyway.
This time of year Mission, gives valuable lessons in how to fly clouds. Couldn't quite make this one in the slow boat, but Charlie got there and flew forever.
The light got pretty at the end of the day. I tried making this Black and White, and a few other effects, but I prefer the natural shot. I think it was Michelle flying, I flew with him a bunch solo on the tandem wing, it was really fun gaggle flying with paragliders on a wing that has essentially the same performance, of course Michelle is also an excellent pilot.

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