Monday, August 3, 2009

More fun at Funston

There was a good turn out at Funston yesterday, I went out to test out the changes and fixes to my harness and instrument mount. I wanted to make sure every thing is in order before heading out to the meet in Big Spring, Texas. Once the testing was done, I got together with Brian. He had heard on the radio that there was going to be a basejumper, going from a Tandem Paraglider. Brian is banked up over the dumps at Pacifica. While we waited we got some air to air shots. There were lots of paragliders, out enjoying the smooth bouyant air, also waiting for the jump. I did get some video footage of the jump. The quality is not great, but I'll try and put something together to post soon. Paris was out at Westlake teaching Tandem, he stopped by afterwards to say Hi. His student got about an hour, and some nice pictures and video. On the days with low ceilings the lift band gets quite wide, the bottom of the cloud is bouyant and you can glide out a long way, I love the light patterns on the ocean. You'll have to click on this and imagin that is all you can see, or come take a tandem with me sometime. Went quite a bit further out but kind of zoned out and didn't tke any pictures from out there. Most of the afternoon humpback whales had been sighted, back at launch I was trying to get a shot with a glider and a whale. Almost an impossible task. The Whale is the black sploge in the bottom left. The golden gate bridge was some times in the fog some times not. Its on the edge here.

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