Sunday, August 9, 2009

Big Spring Task 1

Nice to roll in this morning and already be set up, that gave me time to work on my instrument mount. 11am air conditioned pilots meeting. Decadent indeed :) The task was 101 mile double dogleg. The wind was quite strong 20 mph + at altitude.
I had a pretty good start but at the expense of having the oportunity of flying with Derek who won the day. Results : Not too much in the way of scenery here but the air is very nice to fly in. Towards the end of the day a thunderhead 20 miles west cast shadow over goal, I think I snuck in just in time. I walked 20 steps from where I landed into a hanger and broke down in shade and still air. Luxery. Unfortunately on the way home my team mate (Andy) had an engine failure. Bill & Maralyn were very kind and gave Alex and I a ride back to the airport.

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