Saturday, August 15, 2009

Into the final day at Big Springs

Tough day yesterday, I had a bad start and courseline was shaded. So I decided to restart. That meant diving into wind 6km. The line looked good, but I lost 7000ft doing it and got down to a few hundred feet, I was unzipped, and circling in zero sink for quite some time till I found the core. Drifting over open fields I was nervous about the retreive possibilities. Eventually in turned into a really good climb taking me back to cloud base. This would happen again before the turn point. After that I wasted some time in a weak climb and got caught by this cloud. The cloud exploded rapidly and I was glad to be on the ground moments later. The plume in the picture was a lightning strike that scared me stiff and deafened me temporarily. A Gnarly gust front soon developed, but missed me. On the way home we had another adventure, a drive through liquor store in Bible country. Not to mention to 2" rain in 30 minutes. My team at Big Spring.
Begining the final day we had a spot landing contest. OB won the day.
Davis was 3rd.

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