Thursday, April 30, 2009

Florida Ridge - Task 2

Yesterday started off quite tricky. Lake effect or just a heavy inversion at 3200ft kept me low and struggling all the way through the last start gate. I flew with Zhenya right off tow but there was not much to circle in. I got lucky just after starting with a strong climb to cloudbase, that got me back on course and even caught a couple of pilots at the first turn point. One of which was my team mate Mark. We flew together for 15mins before I had to run from a cloud. I tried to stay upwind of course line on the leading edges of clouds and tried not to get lower than 4000ft as the climb rates seemed way lower down there. That strategy seemed to pay off yesterday. Although I haven't seen the results yet.

The task was a dogleg to the northwest, simlar to the day before but 139km landing just short of Tampa.

Results should be up soon

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